LUX Black scrunch

LUX Black scrunch

Naomi Chantelle Lux silk scrunchie 

Contains 6 black silk scrunchies 

Silk scrunchie benefits:

Our 100% silk scrunchies are the perfect way of looking after your hair.

They are my go to when I go to tie my hair up generally.

For sleeping with my hair up for bed in a loose bun or pony, this allows the hair to cause less friction on your pillowcase causing that typical ‘bed head’ in the morning.
(Silk pillowcase recommended also! Coming soon)

silk material prevents hair breakage with its smooth texture, it allows the hair to glide against it.

No kinks on the hair 

The only bobble that will hold my very thick hair up.

These will forever live on your wrist girl you NEED these in your life!!!

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