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I fortunately built my clientele up very fast & found a lot of my clients were travelling from Chester, my home town to Wirral to get their hair done. Over time I realised I needed to just bite the bullet & bring something to Chester it has never had before, Hair extensions & colour transformations. Me & my husband looked for commercial properties & they all came up so expensive but then this cute little salon in brook street Chester popped up that seemed a bit more reasonable and perfect for starting off. We called them right away & viewed it that night. Instantly I fell in love and agreed I wanted it that night, I felt terrible as my auntie had given me the opportunity to work with her but at the same time it all just happened so quick and my decision was made in seconds, it all fell into place. 


Don’t get me wrong running your own business isn’t easy at all and it does come with a lot of stress and a lot of not ever knowing how to relax or wind down, but I love what I do as a job and have pure passion for it. And it makes me happy everyday to be able to give somebody the confidence they need in themselves. Hair is such a big appearance. 


And of course ‘’ I may not be perfect, but my hair is’’

Hi, I am Naomi. I have had Naomi Chantelle hair salon for 4 years in total now & 2 years in our new salon. When I left school I went to college to study dance, during my course I got a bit fed up and kept saying to my boyfriend I just don't know what I want to do with myself, so he suggested I apply for an apprenticeship hairdresser. I then decided to apply for a few and instantly had a reply from a salon close by his home, I then got the job and trained with them to then achieve an NVQ in hairdressing - Best thing I ever done!


I then decided I needed to move forward & start from fresh so I started in another salon building up my clientele as well as other jobs alongside this I.e Topshop, Hollister, Clarins, Anfield hospitality.. I never stuck to one job, always juggled a few at a time and always kept my hairdressing for friends and family on the side.


I then bumped into an auntie of mine I hadn’t seen for a long time who owned a nail & beauty salon & she was looking for someone to rent a chair from her, I took up her offer although I was so nervous going self employed and whether I would build up my clientele but I just thought if things don’t work out I could always go back to my other jobs which I do still miss now by the way!

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